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We are ISO certified

We're one of very few language companies in the industry offering ISO 17100-certified translation services.

We’ve got a multinational network of highly skilled and qualified copywriters and translators. Only the top-rated talent in the market, those with extensive experience and the corresponding qualifications, have been selected. All of them have at least three years’ experience and solid marketing knowledge.

Our team follows our quality process, which has been awarded the ISO 17100:2015 quality standard certification, the first and only international certification that's specifically for translation. That’s how we know our quality standards are the crème de la crème.

In the end, it all comes down to making sure we deliver a translation that’s on brief, on time and completely adapted to its local context. Every single time.

Our 6-step translation process

1 Analyse the brief

We’ll allocate you a dedicated

Project Manager to manage the

job from beginning to end.

They’ll review your brief and work

with you to put together the project background for the translation.

We’ll talk about the creative and

business briefs, visuals, brand

guidelines, glossary and more.

the brief


1 Analyse the brief

The Project Manager will put

together a translation brief.

We’ll then hand-pick a transcreator

for you, choosing the one who is best

suited to the type of communication.

That translator will work on every

element of the project for you.

the team


1 Analyse the brief

Your transcreator, a skilled and

experienced local expert, will start

creatively decoding the copy.

They’ll identify any cross-cultural factors and stylistic features that’ll be suitable

for the local market, making sure we keep

the essence of the original message and

the same impact as the original.

World-class translation


1 Analyse the brief

Next, we’ll hand the work over

to a marketing editor to review,

crosschecking the transcreated copy

with the original to make sure that

nothing’s been lost in translation.

Finally, they’ll do a thorough proofread

with an eagle eye for detail.

Eagle-eyed editing


1 Analyse the brief

Your Transcreator, Marketing Editor

and Project Manager will team up

to discuss key points and settle

on the most accurate, relevant

translation solution.

Polished to perfection


1 Analyse the brief

Your Project Manager will do a final

check, making sure the adaptation is

in line with the brief and background information.

To make sure you’re 100% happy with

our work, we’ll make ourselves available for any questions and further tweaking

of the copy after the translation’s

been delivered.

Signed, sealed, delivered

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