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Cultural consultation, Trancreation, Translation and Marketing Translation for global brands




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Cultural consultation 




English, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, German, Dutch, Arabic, Turkish, Chinese (traditional & simplified)


Nuxe is an upmarket French skincare brand based on nature, science and innovation. Since 2012 WIT has collaborated with Nuxe on several projects ranging from full website localisation to branding and communications strategy presentations, new product launch presentations, the corporate mission statement, product packaging copy, social media content, transcreation work and identifying a new, defining signature for the brand.

We were honoured to work on inspiring NUXE 2017 rebranding. With the rebranding came a new visual identity and signature: ‘Instinctive beauty’, transforming Nuxe’s brand identity from a skincare company to a real destination for achieving a particular lifestyle and ethos.

The ‘instinctive’ element of Nuxe’s new identity has been chosen to represent their true essence. It is the incarnation of Nuxe’s founder, an instinctive woman who successfully follows her gut feeling.

The rebranding took place over the course of a few months. WIT was involved at the very start of this new ‘face lift’, transcreating the new brand pillars, brand guidelines, press releases, etc. into English. We progressively rolled out all the materials into various languages: website, campaign and product line headlines.

Social media editorial 

NUXE is an international brand with a following all over the world. That's why they approached us to work on a monthly social media editorial calendar, translating their French posts into English to make them more accessible to all those beauty fans!


From creating buzzing 'bee' puns for the Rêve de miel range, to turning socials green for NUXE Organic, we made sure their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages were shimmering sources of beauty inspo, on an international scale, each and every month.

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