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Sid Lee


Global social media adaptation and community management
7 days a week


7 markets - 4 time zones 


Transcreation & translation

Community management

Cultural consultation


English, Spanish (Spain and Latin America), German, Italian, French, Portuguese (Brazil), Dutch, Flemish

WIT have been instrumental in setting up our account [...] and have proved to be a strong partner.

They support us on a 24/7 basis with translation, social media and community management. Every member of each of their local teams, based across 7 markets, delivers a high-level service. Their scope consists of providing creative translations of our social media content, which is then revised by a second translator to ensure the content is free of errors. 


They look after the community management on a daily basis which involves responding, interacting, reporting issues and hiding sensitive content, in addition they provide us with monthly and weekly client reports.


The account management team is approachable, adept at finding solutions and on the case at all times. In short WIT are a pleasure to work with.

Jason Berk, Head of Entertainment and Social          

Social media translation and community management around the world (and the clock)

Sid Lee is a creative agency working globally and specialising in advertising, digital, content production.

We’ve been working with their Parisian and North American branches for many years, but most recently began managing a large team of translators, revisers and community managers across 7 markets and 4 time zones. We helped build their social media audience from scratch and now interact with well over 125,000 followers worldwide on a daily basis (and the countries just keep coming).

While WIT may be hiding in the wings, our local take on copy straight out of La La Land is well and truly centre-stage, with chock-a-blockbuster translation, cultural consultation and community management for hit shows and cult films.

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