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Wunderman Thompson


Transcreation of marketplace landing pages; heroes, banners, shovelers, body copy


5 markets across Europe


Transcreation & translation with options and back translations


Spanish, German, Italian, French, Dutch

WIT has become a trusted partner for us and our clients, not only because of the quality of transcreation but also the level of service we receive.


It’s great to know that the transcreation team are able to understand our briefs and hit our tone of voice with such ease that brings us consistency and quality against our requirements every single time.


We find it so reassuring to know that the WIT team are always very responsive and helpful too. It means that even on tight timelines and last minute requests there’s no stress, and we feel like a collaborative team all working in harmony together.

Rebekah Renford, Project & Production Lead

When WIT met WT

Part agency, part consultancy, part technology company, Wunderman Thompson prides itself on ‘injecting life into the customer journey’, working in 90 markets across the globe. So, when we began working with them on a household marketplace client, we did just that!


WIT works with the team, transforming headers and calls to action into copy that would ignite the B2B and B2C flame in five languages across Europe.


We have recently taken our collaboration a step further and started working collaboratively in online docs, implementing client feedback in real time and building an interactive workflow that their startup and innovator clients would be proud of!

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