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Words in Translation (WIT) is a specialist marketing translation agency delivering local translations for global brands.

The difference that makes our translations special? A human touch.

WIT was founded in London in 2011 by Alice Warde-Poullain, who had spent 10 years working in the advertising industry running and launching worldwide campaigns.

Although her French roots and love of language were what originally pulled her into advertising, she found herself regularly correcting mistranslations and cultural mistakes, leading her to found her own translation agency to solve the problems many advertising agencies face.

Alice Warde-Poullain photo.

WIT has since grown into a small but mighty boutique transcreation agency that serves major global brands like FIFA, The Walking Dead, and Pukka Herbs. We build teams that love working with our clients.

We specialise in the areas of advertising and social media, with a variety of services to suit your needs, including translation, transcreation, content localisation, multilingual community management, copywriting, and more.

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