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5 regional platforms you need to know for any international social media campaign

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In today's interconnected world, social media has become an indispensable tool for brands to reach and engage with their audiences. While global platforms like Facebook and Instagram dominate the world landscape in both total revenue and user base, new platforms are constantly emerging and their preferences and usage vary across regions. Localising and tailoring your posts to your local audience plays a pivotal role in the success of your campaign, and what you write about is equally as important as where you post it.


Each platform’s performance varies widely by country as well. For example, in Germany, there’s been a 23.1 percent and 39 percent increase in terms of ad reach on X and TikTok respectively, and their ad reach on YouTube is one of the highest in the world at 87.3 percent in January 2024. Conversely, X’s use in India is rare, only finding 2.3% of its ‘eligible’ audience in 2023 and decreasing from there. Looking into country-specific networks is essential for the success of your internal campaign.


Here are 5 international social media platforms worth looking into for your next global campaign.

1. WeChat 


With over a billion monthly active users, WeChat is the go-to platform in China. Known as a “super app”, it’s incredibly versatile: allowing users to send messages, record short videos, share content, order food, book a taxi, play games, and even set up an eCommerce store. Its open platform also allows a seamless integration of third-party apps and services, making it a convenient and user-friendly app for users and brands alike. WeChat is a must for engaging with a Chinese audience.




Originally a messaging app with colourful stickers, LINE has gained a lot of popularity predominantly in Japan, where it reached 96 million users at the start of 2024 (78.1% of the total population). The app has interesting interactive features, allowing its users to play games, stream music, read the news and manga, shop online, and follow live streams, offering a whole host of great opportunities for brands to tailor their content to a Japanese audience.


3. VKontakte


VKontakte (or VK) is Russia's largest social media platform, with millions of users across the country and across the Russian-speaking world. This social network allows users to connect with friends, join communities, link an eCommerce platform, and share content, much like Facebook or Instagram. It also hosts a video and music streaming service similar to YouTube, where people can subscribe to channels, watch videos and follow live streams.


4. KakaoTalk


KakaoTalk, the most widely used social media platform in South Korea, has captured 96.1% of in-country internet users by the start of 2024. The app offers various features such as text messaging, voice calls, and multimedia sharing, as well as seamless transactions through KakaoPay to drive conversions directly within the app. It even features a gaming service and a webtoon platform!


5. Douyin


Douyin (known as TikTok outside of China) is a popular short-video and streaming platform which boasts over 750 million monthly active users. People can use hashtags to look for different trends, browse through a music library, and shop online. Its fun and interactive content makes it a great place for brands to engage with a younger Chinese audience.


Regional social media platforms are essential in connecting international brands with their local communities around the world. They offer more than a digital footprint in-country, but help your content resonate on a local scale. Successful social media campaigns require content tailored to each platform to meet their followers’ needs. But that’s not all – social media preferences and behaviours vary meaningfully from one country to another, bringing an added layer of complexity to international content strategists.


By leveraging platforms like WeChat, LINE, VKontakte, KakaoTalk, and Douyin with the help of local community managers, brands can tailor their marketing strategies to their local audiences, taking into account cultural nuances, platforms’ performance, demographics, and technological advancements.

Want more tips on regional platforms and multilingual community management? Check out our eBook: International Social Media Management in 2023!


Written by: Marie Thouvignon, WIT Account Manager & Kelsey Frick, WIT Account Director



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